• reparation of walls, floors and ceilings
  • reparation of all doors
  • reparation of skirting
  • reparation of bumpers

Reparation of walls and ceilings

  • reparation of broken down walls and rusted panels
  • reparation of floors
  • reparation of ceilings

Reparation of all doors

All accessories always in stock

Reparation of skirting

Skirting in all sizes, materials and colours

Reparation of bumpers

Bumpers in stainless steel - hertalon - aluminium - metal

Metal – stainless steel – aluminium

  • constructions – tailormade
    • ex : mezzanine above a cold room
    • tables
    • shelves
    • ….
  • protections
    • bumpers in aluminium, stainless steel, metal, hertalon
  • covering
    • walls and floors in stainless steel and aluminium
    • working tables (ex. butcher)